Rock Garden


Chris Rodrigues -  Bass

Chris Rodrigues - Bass Guitar - Rock Garden

Chris was born in George town Guyana and immigrated to Canada in 1964. His dad was also a musician in a reggae band that practiced in their basement, which started his interest in music. He played acoustic guitar for a year and got his first Raven bass guitar when he was 12.

Over the years Chris has played in many bands and many styles. He also played with Rock Garden's keyboardist Jim Wagner in a band called “Outrage” for a brief period where they played some local venues. Other bands came and went but he really enjoyed playing with a band called “Crossroads” for 4 years. After they split up he played with “Play Bak” for another 4 years, which also included Rock Garden’s Kelly Schwab as vocalist. He’s a virtuoso on bass an plays both 4 and 5 string versions. He's basically self taught over the years, and one would think he's had extensive training. Chris has really enjoyed the Rock Garden experience and he’s driven by the members who all get along. He says it's very rare for 5 people to get along so well and he’s loves the choices and direction the band has taken.

          Chris has been working in an oil and gas company Enerflex for over 20 years and enjoys his job.  When he’s not working he’s a true outdoorsman, camper, and enjoys partying with close friends and family on the weekend.


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