Rock Garden


Jim Wagner  -  Keyboardist / Organist / Lead Vocals

Jim Wagner - Rock Garden - Keyboards - Calgary hard rock band

Jim has played keys for over 45 years and was classically trained. He has formed and played in many groups over time and has a passion for playing not only Classical Rock but has done many type of music styles. He also is an Organist on which he has a passion for playing Pipe Organs in local Calgary churches, and has played them since he was 12 years of age.  He is the founder of Rock Garden, and has assembled a dynamic group of talented musicians to facilitate his vision, which is also the groups total vision. His love for keyboards grew from having good teachers and great mentors over the years, and thrives on trying to better himself all the time. Jim is a native Calgarian of 50+ years and and has been happily married for 25+ years.


pipe organ - Jim Wagner


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