Rock Garden


Kelly Schwab  -  Lead Vocals

Kelly Schwab - Rock Garden

Born in Saskatoon, SK. Kelly Schwab, at only 11, had her first taste of singing alone in front of a crowd. She sang "Somewhere Over the Rainbow", accompanied on piano by the school nun. Standing in front of 350 people, she sang her heart out. So began the pursuit of being the best singer she could be, just to get back to that feeling of being on stage: terrified and thrilled all at the same time. Through her school years she pursued other things like jazz, tap, and belly-dancing. She continued to sing to almost everything she heard, always surprising her friends and family at the amount of songs she knew. After moving to Calgary AB in 1994, she tried her hand at bass guitar, even playing a couple of gigs with a friends band! She also tried playing acoustic guitar, but was irresistibly drawn back to the singing. Her musical influences include Janis Joplin, Lee Aaron, Halestorm, Judas Priest, Led Zeppelin, Whitesnake, 4 Non Blondes, Headpins. One day while enjoying the jam at the King Eddie hotel, a friend asked the band if Kelly could get up and sing. She did, and was asked by a fellow in the audience if she might be interested in singing in a band. She auditioned, was asked to join the band, and so came about "Playbak" which also included Rock Garden’s Chris Rodrigues on Bass guitar. Kelly has been a member of other Calgary bands, including Distemper and The Urge. Now, after meeting the guys and joining Rock Garden, she is re-energized and can’t wait to get out there and "bring the rock".



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