Rock Garden

The Mission

Band History

Rock Garden is five rockers and assorted crew who vary in age and, depending on if the moon is full, also tends to vary in levels of maturity.

Rock Garden, formally the “no name” band, was originally created July 2008 by Jim Wagner a.k.a. Jim Lord. Although they were gig ready in January 2009, unfortunately due to unforeseen circumstances, they lost their lead guitarist.

There began the quest to find the man who could bring his rock to the garden

Jim left no stone unturned. Many auditioned, but most didn’t make the cut for various reasons.

Alas! Perseverance prevailed, and Darryl emerged from the rock he had been living under and joined Rock Garden.

Rock Garden is Jim Wagner (Keyboardist), Kelly Schwab (Lead Vocals), Chris Rodriques (Bass Guitar), Chris Hart (Drums/Percussion), and Darryl Minsky (Lead Guitar/autoharp).

Band Mission

Rock Garden consists of professional musicians who are dedicated to building the best Calgary Classic Rock Band. We take pride in entertaining at pubs, parties, and fund raising events. 

Rock Garden covers a wide variety of the 70's to 90's era, and has fun playing the tunes that people would appreciate hearing and want to dance to. Rock Garden also enjoys pushing the envelope and performing tunes that most other groups would not dare attempt! All of our songs are performed with a Hard Rocking edge!

The End

Rock Garden has disbanded. After over 70 gigs, we've decided to end on a high note. Many factors were involved, and no one "hates" each other. In fact, we all LOVE each other. We've had a great run, and enjoyed ROCKING your world. We thank ALL our fans, friends, and families for their encouragement and support. We love you all!




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