Rock Garden

Rock Garden has now disbanded.

We all love each other and love YOU, our fans.

Thank you for all your support over the years!



October 24, 2010 Lord Nelsons Bar and Grill. A great party for Rock Garden's kick-off public gig!
January 8, 2011 Cardel Place staff party @ Calgary Winter Club. It was a rocking good time!!
February 19, 2011 MEOW Rocks! Pub Night / Dance fundraiser for homeless animal rescue groups at the Thorncliffe Community Centre. 500 partiers raised over $10,000 for the animals!
Nov 18/2011 Chelsea's Pub and Grill - WOW! you guys rocked the bar! Thanks for your support!
Dec 23/2011 Big Al's Bar and Grill - FANTASTIC NIGHT for our debut at a great Calgary ROCK bar
Jan 13, 2012 Chelsea's Pub and Grill - What a great night - a fun time was had by all
Feb 10+11/2012 Shooters Bar and Grill - a fun two nighter! Party on!
March 2, 2012 Chelsea's Pub and Grill - Lots of fun for boys and girls of all ages! 18+
March 3, 2012 Station 52 Pub - a birthday party to end all birthday parties! ROCK AND ROLL!!
March 30+31, 2012 Border Crossing Pub - FANTASTIC weekend for our debut at another great Calgary ROCK bar
April 27, 2012 Chelsea's Pub and Grill - great time once again. Thanks to all!!
June 1+2/2012 Border Crossing Pub - tons of fun yet again!
June 15/2012 Chelsea's Pub and Grill -Thank you! a fun night with our special light show
July 20+21/2012 House RestoBar - FAN-tastic weekend for our debut at a great SW Calgary ROCK bar
August 17+18/2012 Border Crossing Pub - Hot Summer heat, and Hot music. Summer gigs ROCK! Lots of fun!
September 22 2012 Station 52 Pub - Thanks to all - Lots of fun!
October 27, 2012 Station 52 Pub - Great Halloween party! Lots of fun and great costumes.
Nov 30/Dec 1 2012 House Restobar - Great ROCKing two nighter. Thanks for your support!
Dec 14+15 2012 Border Crossing Pub - Biker bars ROCK! We love and thank you!!!
Dec 31, 2012 Station 52 Pub - New Years Eve 2012 was a ROCKING one!!! Thanks everyone!
Jan 18+19, 2013 House Restobar - Fun rockin' time as usual. Thanks to all!!
Feb 8+9, 2013 Border Crossing Pub - Another great weekend. ROCK ON!!!
Apr 12+14, 2013 Border Crossing Pub - Great 2 nights. Snow doesn't keep you guys away!!!
June 22, 2013 Private Wedding Reception - Flood waters can't stop us!
July 19+20, 2013 House Restobar - Fun summertime gig! great crowd! Thanks for your support
August 9+10, 2013 Border Crossing Pub - our best gig yet at this ROCKing bar!
October 18+19, 2013 Border Crossing Pub - fun times, despite Enmax threatening to shut off the power!
Nov 22+23, 2013 Olive Grove Restaurant and Show Bar - our first gig here, and it RAWKED!!!
Dec 20+21, 2013 Border Crossing Pub - fun 2 nights to close off 2013
Feb 21+22, 2014 Border Crossing Pub - two fun filled nights of rawking!
March 8, 2014 Overtime Sports Bar - great debut at this rawking bar!
April 25+26, 2014 Border Crossing Pub - full house both nights
May 23+24, 2014 Overtime Sports Bar - fun time
June 20+21, 2014 Border Crossing Pub - great summertime party
Jan 23+24, 2015 Border Crossing Pub - Great times - as usual
May 1+2, 2015 Border Crossing Pub - awesome weekend
July 3, 2015 Border Crossing Pub - HOT summer night gig!
Sept 11+12, 2015 Border Crossing Pub - great gig, lots of RG t-shirts!!
Dec 31, 2015 + Jan 1 2016 Border Crossing Pub - New Year's Eve and Day. Biggest party yet!
Jan 15+16, 2016 Olive Grove Restaurant and Show Bar - great weekend with our return to this venue
March 18, 2016 Border Crossing Pub
June 3+4, 2016 Border Crossing Pub
Sept 30/Oct 1, 2016 Border Crossing Pub
Dec 30+31, 2016 GameTime Sports Bar - - Rock Garden's farewell show
That's 71 ROCKING SHOWS!  




Rock Garden Rocks old photo with phonograph

Old Beer Drinkers

I heard this was the first picture ever taken of people drinking beer. Except for our "additions" to the photo.

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